The Morales Family

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Meet Our Owner Mr. Angel Morales

Angel has been a resident of Yucaipa/Calimesa now for over 40 years! Angel has worked in the home services industry since he was a teenager, starting with tile and masonry work and eventually going to school to become a heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration technician.

Angel has always enjoyed the community presence of Yucaipa/Calimesa and felt like this would be a good area to not only raise his children but also start a family business. Angel is involved in philanthropic efforts that give back to those in our community that have fallen on hard times and sometimes just need a little help.

He is an active member of the Yucaipa Elks Lodge, loves to golf, enjoys riding his bicycle (electric bicycle), spending time with his family and friends, and also enjoys going camping all around Southern California. During the holidays, Angel and his wife, Laura, deliver Thanksgiving meals and Christmas presents to families less fortunate.

Angel’s wife, Laura, has adopted 3 dogs that were previously abused and in shelters. They have spoken about opening their own animal shelter someday to help animals in need find a loving home.

Angel has been in the heating and air-conditioning industry for 30+ years, working for large companies and small family-owned businesses, such as AM HVAC. He has performed work for the likes of Press-Enterprise, Toyota’s Technical Centers, Jorgensons, Loma Linda Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Jack In The Box, Carl’s JR, and so many more!

Working on industrial, commercial, and residential air-conditioning and heating, Angel has insisted on only working on light commercial and residential equipment from here on out. Angel has trained many technicians around the industry that have gone on to start their own successful heating and air-conditioning companies around California. Now, he wants to enjoy working with his family and building a bright future for his kids and grandchildren to come.

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Meet the Oldest Son Chad Morales

Chad is in his early 30s and started working for the family business when he was in 7th grade during his summer vacations. Unlike his father, who went to school for the trade, Chad did not. He was fortunate enough to be trained by his father out in the field and has acquired skills in electrical, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, duct design and air distribution, attic insulation and attic ventilation, and so much more!

Chad has ventured off outside of the family business to work with 4 other companies, gaining experience in Title 24 and Manual J. Chad introduced to his father NCI, which is the new standard of ductwork sizing and efficiency standards. This changed the way they could design each home to meet efficiency standards just by making changes to ductwork design. Eventually, Chad came back to work alongside his father once again, leading them to start their family business together.

Chad enjoys spending time with his fiancé, they love to travel and experience the national parks all across the country. They tend to take (2) 2-week road trips a year to go and experience the outdoor scenery. He enjoys going to the river, fishing, hunting, going hiking, and taking his dogs out in their 1988 Suzuki Samurai, and he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends.

Chad and his significant other have welcomed a little baby girl to the world on July 14th, 2022! Chad enjoys working and would never change his career path, as it has made him into the hardworking man he is today.

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Chad has said, “We aim to be a family-owned and operated small business that is well known locally for our Comfort, Quality, and Care. We want to build long-term relationships with our customers, whether it be business only or personally, we want to be a vital part of our community in positive and helpful ways. Our goal is to give back and to ensure we provide the most competitive, honest, and professional services around. We aim to bring back the traditional customer service experiences, always putting our customers’ needs first and foremost. We truly do care about our customers because we have seen and helped a lot of people that initially hired the wrong contractor and got left with a bigger mess than they originally started with. We may not always be the cheapest, but we will always be the most professional, the most efficient, the friendliest, the most educational, the most understanding, and the best option, plain and simple.”

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Meet the Youngest Son Jake Morales

Jake is in his mid-20s. Growing up, Jake would help his father at his business preparing direct mail marketing campaigns. He would get a ride from his grandmother down to the office to label and stamp all the mailers in order to get them mailed out during his summer vacations in elementary school! 

He has worked alongside his father since 2015, working around the shop after school and full-time during his summer vacations. He began as a parts runner, and then as an installer, before eventually becoming a maintenance technician. After high school, Jake would go on to attend Crafton Hills College while continuing to work as a maintenance technician after school.

After his two years at Crafton Hills College, he transferred to San Diego State University, earning a BBA degree in business management. Jake and his long-time hometown girlfriend attended San Diego State University together and currently still reside in San Diego. Jake works remotely performing work as the office manager, accountant, and social media marketing director.

Jake loves to go to the beach with his partner and spend time with their fur babies, a dog named Scrappy and a cat named Bones. They enjoy being outdoors and spending time with family. 

Jake has been a huge asset to his older brother and his father, as he is the one who now handles the operations aspect of their new family business venture. They currently all work together as a team, building their family business and securing a future for the next generations to come.